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Todd Migliacci


Todd's love for magic began one snowy Christmas Day about 20 years ago in his hometown of Douglas, MA. Old St. Nick left a little something special not found on Todd’s list. A large, children's magic kit, equipped with tiny, plastic props and a little top hat. Little did Todd know that his future lies within this box of mystery.

After mastering the hundreds of tricks offered by retail store magic kits, Todd began to develop his craft, investing in more professional illusions. His friends didn't believe him. The timid toddler they grew up with, now, a show-stopping illusionist? Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but still, he was standing in front of his classmates putting on a show and everyone loved it--but most importantly, the ladies loved the magic.

While on the "five-year-plan" in college, Todd received a degree in Fine Arts. During this time, he was an Orientation Leader and involved with his Campus Activities Board. These roles helped him performing for bigger and broader audiences while developing his show. Performing at different events helped him learn what it takes to put on a great show.

Just after graduating, Todd found himself employed by Mickey Mouse. On the Disney World’s College Program, Todd participated in the Night of Stars competition, where he was awarded "Best Specialty Act."

Now Todd Migliacci is traveling the country with his unique show performing at theatres, cruise ships, corporate events, colleges and universities. Book your show now before all dates 'disappear!'

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