Stressed AF


With Patrick McIntyre

With Briana Hansen

You Can’t Hide.

Intense title, I know, but it’s true. No matter how you live your life, you will encounter stress at some point. An event or even a person, can cause stress. It effects everyone, and no one is immune. How you respond to that stress will shape the quality of your life, positively or negatively. Learn to take control of what you can to be better prepared to handle life.

Stessed AF is a presentation that provides the necessary tools to identify and combat stress. It’s presented in a realistic manner from a professional comedian. During the presentation, the audience is informed on the biological changes brought by stress. We will discuss how these changes will affect their mental and physical well being, which in turn affects every aspect of their lives. Using games and activities the audience is an active part in the presentation and not innocent bystanders in another “death by power point.” At the end of the presentation, the audience will walk away with a strong understanding of stress and how to take better control over the stressors in their individual lives.

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