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With Patrick McIntyre

With Briana Hansen

You Can’t Hide From Stress.


College is a major life change, which can be both an exciting and stressful time. Since stress directly affects our mental and physical health, a students quality of life depends on how they handle the stress they encounter. Stressed AF is a presentation that provides the necessary tools to identify and combat stress in order to learn to live happily with stress.


The program is presented in a realistic and inclusive manner from a professional speaker and comedian in order to engage the audience and empower them to take control of what they can and directly affect their stress levels. Through audience interaction and humor, the program explores the dangers of unchecked stress and how that can impact the lives of students and those around them. The program covers anxiety, depression, suicide prevention and offers students realistic tools to take ownership of what they can change in their lives. Everybody experiences stress, but no one needs to be Stressed AF.

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