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With Briana Hansen

With Briana Hansen

Sex Rules is an interactive, multimedia Title IX-compliant lecture that discusses sexual assault awareness and prevention. The program's focus is to simultaneously educate and empower your students to understand safe sex practices, interactions, and exploration. Sex Rules trains students to understand and recognize all forms of sexual violence, along with proper methods for healing or helping survivors who have experienced any form of sexual misconduct.

The program's conversational and interactive approach keeps students entertained while navigating these often-triggering topics. It also maintains a modern lens on the discussion, including understanding gender identity, digital boundaries and behavior, and ways to safely intervene and advocate for yourself and others. Rooted in tried-and-true sexual advocacy training modules, Sex Rules uses appropriate humor and heart to break up some of the intensity around these serious topics. The program's goal is to create supportive environments on your campus where everyone can thrive.


This show is written and created by Briana Hansen, a writer, actress, comedian, and sexual assault survivor. She has spent over a decade training on a number of topics including leadership, confidence, communication, responsible alcohol use, addiction, and sexual assault prevention and awareness at schools, universities, and military bases across the United States. She's passionate about personal advocacy, self-empowerment, and cultivating opportunities to make people feel more connected.

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