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Rmax Goodwin

Rmax (pronounced Ar-Max) is lauded by clients and peers alike as an incredible entertainer. Equal parts magician and mentalist, Rmax has been the feature entertainer for clientele including Google, Charles Schwab, Hulu, and Sony, along with celebrities like Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie, and LeBron James.

Having grown up in Los Angeles, Rmax began learning magic at 6 years old and began performing professionally at the Magic Castle (an invitation-only club in Hollywood) at just 14 years old. His award-winning magic is distinguished by expert sleight-of-hand, witty banter, and an approachable style. His mentalism is punctuated by unique presentations and incredible mind reading designed to create a once in a lifetime experience for his audience. These impressive techniques have earned him multiple appearances on the television program Masters of Illusion and he has become the go-to consultant for America's Got Talent Champions. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and an eye for the unusual, Rmax is known for a modern, sophisticated brand of entertainment. His magic and mentalism is wry, understated, yet astounding, and truly unforgettable.

Stage Magic:

Close Up Magic:

“That is so good. Your skill is on a totally different level!”   -Ron Meyer, Vice Chairman of NBCUniversal


“He’s a witch, he’s a witch! There’s no other explanation!”   -Adele, Grammy award-winning Singer


“Can you open my next show?”  -Dolly Parton, Country Music Legend

“Rmax is fantastic! Whenever I book him, I’m always confident our guests will give him rave reviews.”   -Jack Goldfinger, Entertainment Director, The Magic Castle

Virtual Show:

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