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An interactive and introspective look at party culture and substance abuse on your campus.

The Party Safe Project is a program dedicated to keeping your students safe. Partying at college has become more complicated than ever. While alcohol abuse remains an epidemic on college campuses, students now have unprecedented access to a whole host of other substances. Legal cannabis, Opiates, Adderall, and decriminalized psychedelics to name a few. This has happened at a time when mental illness is at an all-time high and students are taking more medication to manage their mental health than ever.


The Party Safe Project uses a combination of humor, multimedia, audience interaction, statistics, and active discussion to teach students about alcohol and substance abuse from a realistic perspective.  The program discusses different substances, how they affect students physically and how they can affect their mental health.


The Party Safe Project also addresses cultural issues on campus that can create a party-centric environment which can lead students down a destructive path.


Not only does the program discuss addiction, but it discusses behaviors and thought processes that lead to addiction.


The program uses open and honest discussion to help create a healthy campus culture. We encourage students to recognize destructive behaviors within themselves and others. By working together, helping one another, and encouraging accountability, we can create a campus culture where moderation is championed.


Students are always going to Party. It's up to us to make sure everyone parties safe.

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