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Better Than Selfies!

Award-winning caricature artist Leo Kelly presents:  Better Than Selfies.  You don't need a 4K camera to capture the fun at your next event.  Let Better Than Selfies create fun and unique cartoon renderings of participants that they will keep for a lifetime.

Caricature artist Leo Kelly was born into a large Irish family. His first forays into art included drawing on his younger siblings. We also spent a lot of time experimenting with different mediums. Of note, using Dorito dust and diet Cherry Coke to execute murals on the walls of his childhood home. Having exhausted his mother’s patience she bought him pencils and paper in an attempt to guide his artistic impulses in a more acceptable manner. 


Caricature artist Leo Kelly first pursued art in kindergarten avidly copying cartoons, and drawing classmates. “I just always remember drawing…all the time!”  In his college years Leo found employment drawing on a Riverboat, sharpening his skills and amusing guests. From there he has drawn in a variety of settings; weddings, birthday parties, proms and yes…even at college events! 

  Leo is housebroken, doesn’t take up much space and would love to be at your next event. 

Book Better Than Selfies:

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