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Alejandro Jimenez


Alejandro Jimenez is a formerly undocumented immigrant, poet, writer, educator, and avid distance runner from Colima, Mexico, living in New Mexico.  He is the 2021 Mexican National Poetry Slam Champion, he is a two-time National Poetry Slam Semi-Finalist (US), multiple time TEDx Speaker/Performer, and a regional- Emmy-nominated poet, whose work centers around: place & home, cultural identity, immigrant narratives, masculinity, memory, and the intersections of them all.


He is a Tin House Writers Workshop participant.  His work has appeared in The Acentos Review, The Latino Book Review, Yellowscene, As/Us Journal, Rethinking Schools, and other publications.  He has also been featured in Radar 2021, Telemundo, NBC Universal, and Tracksmith.  His self-published book, Moreno. Prieto. Brown. (2017), has sold over 2,000 copies and has been incorporated in curricula across various school districts. 

'On Why Mexican Should Not Use The N-word'
'When They Come For Me'
'Machismo Hurts Men Too'

Book Alejandro:

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