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Rose Entertainment Group

is Not Your Average Booking Agency

Rose Entertainment Group provides quality entertainment for all occasions. We use our experience as performers and our careful attention to customer service to create unforgettable events for our clients. For our artists we provide more than representation. We create a collaborative environment guided by our industry experience and driven by our artists’ creativity. 


R.E.G. was founded by two long time performers who have made a living in live entertainment for over two decades combined.  The idea is to create an agency that is 100% artist owned where we could market our own shows, and utilize our industry knowledge to further the careers of other artists. 


Our goal is to be more than just a booking agency for our artists. We take an active role in building and developing your brand as a performer. We will provide guidance in different areas ie: demo videos, web presence, show creation, marketing strategies, marketing materials, etc. Being artists ourselves, we have the ability to develop packages and manage our artists in ways that other agencies can’t. 

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